Want to level up your business?

Squashly's admin tool is your game-changer. It's not just about engagement and efficiency - it’s about welcoming new players, smoothing out bookings, and tailoring playing schedules for the modern squash enthusiast.

Digital command center

Adapt court configurations on-the-go for various business scenarios, while easily tracking attendance, occupancy, and revenue streams.

Flexible court set up

Easily track attendance & revenue

Digital Command Center
Data-Driven Decisions

Data-Driven decisions

Gain insights into your player’s gaming patterns and skill development over time, enabling you to curate engaging experiences that keep players involved.

Get behaviour insights

Get to know your players

Seamless court utilisation

Unlock your court's potential by seamlessly integrating with the Squashly network, ensuring a steady flow of players. Enable hassle-free court bookings directly from your website.

Seamlessly integrate with Squashly ecosystem

Embed the booking widget to your website

Seamless Court Utilisation


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