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Transform your squash game with Squashly! Connect with players, schedule games, book courts, and elevate your skills.
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Your Ultimate 
Squash Companion
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Create the game

Be the game initiator! Arrange matches whenever you're ready – this is your game, your way.

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Connect with players

Squashly unites players from all backgrounds, making every match a chance to connect, challenge, and have a blast.

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Get ready to play!

Squashly handles the matchmaking and court arrangements, freeing your mind to focus on perfecting your game!

Set up a game

Game time, your way. Slide into your perfect playtime and location, split the game costs effortlessly – all without breaking a sweat.

Split the cost of the game

Reduce the busy work

Plan ahead with confidence

Book the right place
Discuss what matters

Discuss what matters

Master your game management. Strategize with your team, tailor your perfect playtime, and share emotions post-match – all seamlessly, without a hitch.

Discuss what matters in chat

Share emotions and experience

Build connections

Initiate group games

Squashly makes it simple to gather friends, create competitive matchups, and foster friendships along the way. Get ready to create lasting memories, both on and off the court.

Join the engaged community

Meet with players of different skill levels

Track your games history

Initiate group games

Be the first to join Squashly

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